Street Dog Tennis isn't your typical run of the mill tennis club. Tennis is our livelihood...It's what we do for a living.  We don't have irrelevant 8-5 jobs and then pretend to be tennis coaches in our off time.  We are passionate and we know that losing is easy and winning is very, very, hard.  In fact perhaps one of the hardest things you will ever accomplish.

     To groom winners, we instill  an offensive, aggressive style of play that leverages offensive abilities even when we are on defense.


Here is what we require of our players:

  • Trust the technique
  • Embrace a "never say die" attitude
  • Hate losing much more than you love winning

     Here's the thing...Winning isn't everything.  It's how you play the game that really matters.  Tennis is a game, and games are played because they are FUN!!!  Winning is definitely fun...the work, grind, lessons, conditioning isn't.  But without the work you  don't have fun and losing is not fun on any level and in tennis there is a winner and a loser.  No ties...No player substitutions...No time outs...

     As a father, I am incredibly proud of my son when the opposing player or parents say...

  • "I never want to play him again"
  • "I had to work so hard that I thought I was going to have a heart attack"
  • "How come the tougher the point, he smiles or laughs?"
  • "Does he ever get tired?"

      You must enjoy the journey...the bigger the challenge, the bigger the effort required, and the more enjoyable it should be.  Never ever fear your opponent, but always respect the opponent, the moment, and the effort made to compete.

     Now here it takes TIME to become excellent.  This is not a team sport.  There is nowhere to hide.   If you make a mistake or do not play well you have no one to blame but YOURSELF... If you play well, you must be a gracious winner. No rubbing people's faces in it, or giving the "I'm all that" attitude...there is always someone better just around the corner, and you might have just given them the ammo to beat you... If you lose hold your head up and realize that you stepped out on the battlefield and tried to the best of your abilities.  Now that is the real winner!!!  Then pick yourself up and go back to work and get better.

     To become a top player in juniors or adults, it takes years...yes I said...YEARS... Not just a couple of lessons; not a couple of months; but YEARS.  Anything else and you are being lied to; and you are lying to yourself and everyone else associated with you. How long does it take any top player in any sport to become excellent?  It sure doesn't happen overnight, weeks, or takes years. We know everyone wants it now---but without a strong foundation, no house can withstand the storm.  No one wants to hear this but lets be real and realistic and honest; isn't that what everyone wants or do you want to be lied to and waste your money.

     We are big on our technique and conditioning.  If you are in better shape, you'll last longer and recover faster; hit better shots more often, not afraid to go deeper into the points.  You become the "PUNISHER" on the courts and you will enjoy it!!!  Not the "you hit one great shot and lost; but you hit so many good shots that made you look great and won.

     As we tell all our players, you are never in good enough shape to force the action on serves, return serves aggressively, and dominate the rallies.  You can't afford to get tired!!!  And be ready for your next match.  You must play better in the second and third sets than in the first set so once again, You can't afford to get tired!!!

     So along with the Street Dog technique that we teach, this is the attitude and mental fortitude we impart on all of our students whether junior or adult.  It may be different from most tennis coaches out there, but we firmly believe that it's the difference between being a so called player and being an excellent tennis player.  If you are the same as everyone else you are easy to beat.  But if you are different - "STREET DOG" - different, your technique, fitness and attitude will make you a consistent winner...




...Now get to work...